Our success comes from our employees. We are consciously growing. To facilitate our expansion program, YSC is looking for top quality, dynamic, talented engineering professionals at various levels. We offer outstanding challenges and career prospects. YSC is the finest option to begin your career. We adopt graduates and diploma holders with high end track record as trainees. We have effective tools, training programs and mentors to set you in the right direction. We’ve also got the projects to keep you learning and growing as your skills sharpen. Our employee selection decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. YSC does not discriminate opportunities on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender and age.


  • • Helping in identifying the areas of improvement, by multi level assessment
  • and expert consulting.
    • Helping to equip with latest technology, and manage technology transitions.
    • Helping to climb the career ladder based on performance and merit.
    • Developing the Leadership skills so that, leaders can create and support a service culture to handle any amount of work.
  • • Equipping to handle challenging environs, work well in teams,and continuously improve processes.

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Why YSC?

In YSC every moment of the work will live with you. We care for your career development and enable you to grow with our business. We offer you freedom of expression, where each and every best performance will gain appreciation and reward. At YSC the hierarchy will step down to you, to encourage you, to horn your skills and to make you even better. Individuals from diversified cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds constitute YSC but what unites us is our single minded focus on continuous improvement. Our team leaders believe in creating more leaders and not followers. They nurture your talents to make you one among them and for sure, not one below them. Definitely you are not going to be one of the faceless people in a pool of engineering professionals. But instead, new vistas, which enhance your intellectual growth together with your emotional and personal wellbeing, will be opened up towards you. YSC has an employee friendly Human Resource Policy, which is far beyond the statutory requirements of leaves, holidays and overtime payment. Our polices help our employees to balance their work and life. We ensure the employee social security by enrolling them into various schemes like the Provident Fund, ESI, and further the employee will be enrolled into Medical Insurance covering the employee and family, and also to an Accident and Life Insurance Scheme covering the employee. Our compensation structure covers all components including House Rent Allowance, Transport allowance, Food/meals Coupon and Medical Reimbursement, Uniform allowance. In addition, we also include performance-linked components at various levels.


“Working in YSC has opened up a whole new dimension of knowledge sharing. The working environment in YSC generates the best out of me and motivates me to come up with problem solving solutions. It is a great feeling to realize that what I do is recognized, create value and significance.” (Design Engineer)