Operational Excellence differentiates our business model. We attribute relationship-based approach hence we could maintain long-term business relationships. In addition to maintaining our existing clients, we could expand the client list in the competitive market by working in tandem with our clients rather than as adversaries. SAT and knowledge based Planning combined with Cause & Effect Analysis executed from the grass root level helped us to minimize errors , identify and overcome bottlenecks , leading to sustainable growth. Resources not being a limiting factor, scalability to demand is a feasible factor on short notice.

More and more values are being added up to our deliverables by deploying the innovative and proven methodology in the construction & fabrication arena .We even treat a repeated order as a new challenge by setting revised goals thereby optimizing the client’s resources. This in turn reinforces the satisfaction of services, value of our business model thus ensuring continued growth and success. Being part of a major Engineering Procurement and Construction Company, we could foresee the viability of fabrication and erection, material availability and it’s effective utilization, cost cut-down techniques along with current development and internally developed design safety measures.

YSC can help you reduce your environmental footprint by compiling all relevant safety codes and standards. Our engineers have remarkable exposure to various international codes and standards along with client specific requirements.

Being a technology based company, employees are our prime asset. Their expertise and capabilities take us to the winning platform. Our employee friendly policy and ‘Destination work’ atmosphere help us to retain our highly motivated, qualified, skilled and experienced professionals who deliver their services with utmost perfection and precision for the complete satisfaction of our clients.



To be a technology and value Based competitive Engineering Company with Global presence in Total Engineering Soluctions for oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer and water Industries. Caring for the Safety and Enviorment.


YSC Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is committed to provide economical timely, innovative & quality engineering services, consistent with customer needs, contract specifications, statutory and regulatory requirements as applicable.


The Management of YSC India is fully committed to the recognition and achievement of quality. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of excellence by doing right things and doing things right. It is our policy to continually improve the quality and reliability of our products and services. The achievement of improved quality is the result of management through the total involvement of all staff. We aim to improve our capabilities through education and training in all operations.