Data Privacy & Security Policy

The all time policy of YSC is to protect its network against any unauthorized access, use, corruption, disclosure, and distribution of confidential information entrusted to us by our clients. We undertake that, we shall not utilize any confidential information other than that required for the successful completion of the specific Project.

Our strategy on security of electronic networks emphasizes on the nature of confidentiality and sensitivity. Any interception or utilization of communication or stored data by unauthorised system is prevented by the intact and fool proof system which is in place and embedded in our whole System. All events which threaten security are accounted, not just those with malicious intent because threats such as environmental incidents or human errors which disrupt the network are potentially as costly as malicious attacks. Our policy specifies and ensures the procedures for proper disposal of unneeded or out- dated records and also for protecting data when changes, up gradation, or replacement of servers, computers or other storage media are in place. The Storage devices have password controls together with firewalls shield, intrusion detection and application level controls. Attack on DNS servers is dealt with DNS protocols and that on the routing system is defended with more specific security functions like authentication, integrity, and encryption. Threat on installed software has been defended by most trusted and updated anti-virus software. Networks (VPN) use SSL and IP sec to enable communications to run over insecure Internet and open channels while maintaining a given security level. The risks of natural disasters ( storms, floods, fire or earthquakes, etc) are covered by adequate back-up servers at multiple locations in different parts of the Earth.