STATIC EQUIPMENT ENGINEERINGFEED:- Equipment Sizing, Datasheet Preparation & Material Requisition, Bid Review.

PMC:- Vendor document review, Detailed Engineering, Technical Communication, Progress Chasing and expediting, Document Flow control, Review of change Order, WPS and NDT procedure.

Detailed Engineering Support:- It is formulated to meet the engineering requirements of equipment vendors or of fabricators. Deliverables include Design Calculations, Detailed and fabrication shop drawings, Inspection and testing Procedures, Material Take Off, Procurement assistance of engineering materials and goods.


FEA*  Finite Element Modeling, Analysis.

PIPING ENGINEERING Piping Flexibility and Stress analysis, Terminal pipelines and pigging systems, Plant 3D Model creation, Clash review, Piping Layout drawing, Isometric Drawing, Support location and detail Drawing, Material List including specification for process, hydrocarbon, steam Deluge and foam piping.

SKID ENGINEERING Piping Stress Analysis*, Structural Analysis, 3D modelling, Isometric drawings, Detailed fabrication drawings.

ROTATING EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING Equipment selection, Preparation of Procurement Specification, Review of Technical Bid.

STRUCTURAL, CIVIL ENGINEERING Design, Modeling & Detailing of industrial and residential projects which includes RCC and Steel Structures, Pipe racks, Chimney foundations, Tank foundations, multi-storey buildings and complexes. We deliver detailed Fabrication drawings for steel structures and Re-bar detailing of RCC structures including Material Bill of Quantities.

INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING* System Architecture Drawings, Instrument Data Sheets, DCS/PLC, ESD engineering with I/O List, Specifications for Field Instrument and control panel, JB and cable schedule, Instrument Hook ups, Level Sketches, SCADA and RTU System Engineering, Communication Network Design, Sizing of Relief Valve, Control valve and orifice plate, Preparation of Air and Power distribution scheme.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING* Load Estimation Calculation and Single Line Power Distribution Diagram, Equipment Specifications, Data sheet & schedule of quantities for Electrical Equipments, Lightning Protection & Earthing Layouts, Lighting Layouts including Distribution Schedules, Cable Tray / Trench Layouts, Earthing & Layouts Bulk MTO, Cable schedules and Termination Schedules. Short Circuit Study & Relay Setting recommendations, Impressed current CP Systems Design and layout, Hazardous Area Classification Drawings.

PROCESS ENGINEERING* Sizing calculations for defining equipment design, Process Flow Diagram, P&ID, Process Design Philosophy, Simulation Study, Control and Shutdown Philosophy, Heat exchanger thermal sizing and vibration analysis, Design of package units, Start-up and maintenance Manual, HAZOP & Loss Prevention Study.

ADD-ON SERVICES Assistance for Recruiting Technical and Engineering Professional, Technical Man power Supply. Feasibility study of Engineering Projects, Cost Estimation. Dedicated service is being offered through our associate companies.


* Dedicated Service is being offered through our sister companies.


Tailor-Made Services

YSC offers flawless services in line with client’s requirement, quality standards and customized practices. YSC can formulate a variety of service agreements, depending on your specific requirements and infrastructure tailback.

Global Presence
YSC has the benefit of global presence through it’s parent company and group.

World Class Infrastructure
YSC operates from CMMI Level 4 assessed Technology Park.

Expandable Resources
YSC has multidiscipline engineering squad with vast available ready infrastructure & human resources data bank for easy & fast expansion according to project requirements.

Contemporary Tools & Technology
YSC uses latest international standards & codes combined with best software solutions that are handled ably by its team of well trained and competent personnel.

Client Care
Our service motto rests on three pillars, namely client satisfaction, quality and promptness, which ensure the best solution in cost saving. YSC has executed many confidential projects with secrecy agreements and it has established security measures to safeguard your know-how and methodology.